Generative change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life. At the heart of this process is attention to a person as the core difference that makes a difference; that is, the outcomes a person produces are only as good as their state. Generative Coaching focuses on how to first develop a generative state that is, a high level of mindbody relaxation, concentration, and fluid flexibility; a creative mental response to whatever challenges exist; and a deep connection to positive resources beyond a person's problem state. Generative Coaching then focuses on how to maintain this state in dealing with whatever challenges a person is facing, so that new and meaningful results can occur.
Generative Coaching allows change to occur at the deepest level of where core beliefs and visions exist. We use sophisticated mind/body approaches to help a person transform the way they think, feel, respond, and create in their life situations. We ensure that people improve their productivity, deepen their well-being, and increase their value to others.

Basic differences between coaching and traditional therapy.
Traditional therapy organizes around hierarchical relationship, pathological descriptions (what's wrong), historical explanations (exploring the past to find the reasons), verbal exchanges, and long-term work, while Generative Coaching orients to collaborative relationships, descriptions of strengths and resources, focus on practical goals and action plans, future orientation, and short-term work.

Generative coaching is especially interested in (1) a client's highest values, goals, and callings; (2) passions, resources, energetic connections (friends, foes, communities, gifts); and (3) non-rational crises that seem to threaten identity (symptoms, breakdowns, etc.) and aims to utilize these to generate radical new realities.

There is a significant difference between traditional coaching and generative coaching. Traditional coaching tends to organize around first- and second-order change, not really requiring radical shifts in consciousness or identity.
Generative coaching focuses on second- and especially third-order (identity) transformation. Generative means to create a result (in identity, systemic organization, behavioral pattern, internal consciousness, cultural or corporate creation) that has never existed before in the world. Generative coaching is working with clients to be able to realize this power.
Stephen Gilligan, Ph. D.
(Stephen Gilligan fazia parte dos grupos de estudantes 
a volta dos fundadores da PNL nos anos 70.  
Alguns dos seus professores e mentores foram 
Milton Erickson, Gregory Bateson e Virginia Satir)

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